Meet Yev Z

Hi my name is Yev. I love dancing, and will most likely dance once or twice in the time you’ll get to know me. Now that we have that out of the way… I’ve been in America 20 years, but still don’t know anything about pop culture unless it involves sports—particularly hockey, football and soccer. I love to travel, and won’t hesitate to get up and go for all the wild photo ideas you have in mind. 

I’ve spent one third of my life in Russia, one third in Baltimore, Maryland, and the most recent third of my life in Las Vegas, Nevada. I travel frequently to San Diego, and am slowly transitioning to make that my final stop—at least for the foreseeable future.

Through time I’ve learned I like to tell stories, but instead of boring you with elongated anecdotes I prefer to tell those stories through imagery. I love being able to capture a glimpse of your reality, and I take pride in retelling each and every story I become a part of. Being able to encapsulate your story, your life, and your personality into a few frames is the reason I wake up loving what I do.